Semi Solid Cotton Fabric

Purple in my Window

Darker shades of purple are part of this fabric. If you love purple this might be the one for you. Some pink is also in this piece. African violets show off this color in my kitchen window.


Very Red

This is just a basic red. It would make a beautiful rose.


Beautiful Shades of Brown

If you like brown, this piece could be the next tree in your landscape or the just the color of neutral to make everything pop. Have you added a brown leaf or flower to make the others show off their beauty.



Note the size on this piece. Similar to the bush you may have in your garden. This fabric has different shades of the this color in the same piece


Take a Peek

This grey piece reminds me of the sidewalk, but sneaks in some beautiful purple at the same time. Take a closer look, it’s hard to see.


This is Gold Baby

When I first dyed this fabric, it was one of my favorites. Of course that changes with a new dye batch. It’s a very rich color which would go nice with jewel tones as well. I use it in my applique’. All leaves don’t have to be green when Fall has just started its change.


Yellow Like a Lemon

This is the brightest yellow I have ever seen and I like yellow. Lemons are this color. Add other colors of yellow to highlight and shade your lemons. Or piece in a quilt. This color will really pop! *The picture is not as bright as it should be.


Check all Around Brown

Just plain ole’ brown. It’s that color that we avoided in the color box. But necessary.


It’s Gold Baby 2

It’s the ring on your finger. This gold is similar to the gold above.



Yep! Is the grey that’s so popular with my yellow fellow. Of course, he is no where to be found. Cement is the color of sidewalk when you sing “Kiss a Fellow.”


Snow in the Mud

Chocolate brown cotton fabric with patches of white. Could this be snow?



One of my first favorites. It’s kind of bold for pink.


Purple Myrtle

Nope not for your turtle. This piece is a fine lady ready for a day out. Add her to the other purple ladies in you stash.


Hot Pink BABY

This is one yard and 13″ of pink fabric. Maybe the color of new geraniums out for purchase this spring. *This piece is one yard and is only 13″ long.


Not a Push Over

This is the purple that has mellowed with age. She knows whose boss and won’t step down. This piece is the darkest of my purples. Her name is Violet, but her actions tell something else.


Just Lots of Hot Pink


Stormy Blue

This is the blue of a stormy sky. There are lighter colors of blue to make this the perfect sky. I have only 3/4 yard of this piece. It’s one of my favorites.


Almost Purple

It looks blue, but with a hint of purple. Check out the dimensions.


Not a Push Over 2

This piece is a lighter version of the first Not a Push Over


Lilac and It’s Friends

What a beautiful piece of fabric! TWO whole long magnificent yards.


Not Quite Maroon

Some areas on this piece are darker, but the majority are different shades of burgundy, but lighter.