Purple, Blues, and Greens

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Light Purple

This is a one yard cut of light and medium purples.


Darker Shades of Purple

This one yard fabric is a darker color than the one above.


Purple, Grey, Pink

This a one yard piece of fabric with three different shades of purple. One is almost grey and the other color is violet or pink.


Basic Blue

I use this blue for skies in my applique or art quilts. It is clear blue with small amounts of white. The white gives the appearance of clouds without the repetition. There are 6 one yard cuts of this fabric. If you contact me, I can make larger lengths up to 3 yards.


Bright green

This green reminds you of grass on a spring day. It is a one a yard cut and can be special ordered as long as 3 yards. Contact me if you are interested in the longer length.


Emerald Green

I keep an assortment of greens and this is one I use often to applique' leaves. I mix this one with commercial fabrics to add another dimension to my quilts.


Sage Green

This color reminds me of the sage brush seen in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. I use it with the emerald green above in my applique'.