Iced Dyed Cotton Fabric


Pink Ice Dyed Fabric

Six dollars added for postage. 58″ x 58


100 Percent Cotton Hand Dyed Fabric

Pink with Purple

One yard of ice dyed 100% cotton fabric. This piece of fabric can be used in applique’, piecing, and art quilts.


Cost of U.S. postage is included in the purchase price.

Purple iced dyed fabric

Different shades of purple enhance this one yard of iced dyed fabric.


One Yard of Ice Dyed Fabric

An array of pinks show off this fabric. It has some cobalt blue and coral as well.


Dark Purple and Pink

The fabric is predominately dark purple. I dyed it the second time to make the piece more intense.


Light Tones of Various Colors

This piece reminds me of spring.


Strong Blues

Blue is the basic color in this fabric. There is a touch of fuchsia in some places on the fabric.


Strong Blue, Orange, Coral,

This dark blue cotton fabric has pretty spring pastels. Handmade dye processes are unpredictable, but have stunning results.


Yellow and Blue

Not your everyday blue and yellow fabric. A peek inside shows an array of blue, purple and coral. I have two different yardages of this one.


Pastel blues

Pastel pinks, blues, and a little bit of green are behind this picture. The colors are from light to dark. I have two yards of this type.


Coral and Golds

The pink in this picture is more peach than pink. Most all of the other colors are pastel.


Lime Green and Orange

Lime green with orange and other pastels.


Blue and Fushcia

Not shown in the picture are lots of pastels.