His Light

When I chose pictures for “His Light”, I mentally considered three different photos. I could take a projector and blow up the pattern, but I like to use my memory to produce my artwork.

This picture was close to my heart because of my Grandson’s words, “It’s Beautiful.”

An image I’ve always wanted to do. The reflections are incredible.

Just before the pandemic. Out last days at the park.

The first picture was the memory I used to make “His Light.” Next, we posed another grandson to produce the little boy on the fence seen in the finished post.

I chose this pose of Wyatt to portray the little boy on the fence. I later drew it choosing not to use a projector. I find drawing to be relaxing. It does take up my time to applique’. I drew the bicycle as well. Much harder to get things lined up correctly between the wheels and the frame.

I started cutting as many cloud shape pieces as I could. This took days and I wasn’t sure if I would have enough. Next time, I should keep a running total. My cutting machine cut them. Thank goodness, I didn’t manually cut all of those pieces. Makes a interesting picture. Its seems to me like you are making your own fabric when laid out together. I use a mat that comes with the machine. After applying one of the two fusibles either Misty Fuse or Steam or Steam, I adhere it to one of the mats which comes with the machine. If the fusible is paper backed I apply it to a mat used for paper. If not, I apply it to the type mat used for fabric. Don’t tell anybody. This is not approved by the unmentionable company. While working on this I make a construction paper mockup. Seems silly to go all the way back to Kindergarten and use construction paper.

My mockup to the right helped me to put the images in perspective. To see how the clouds played a part with the land. To see all my goofs ahead of time.

I painted the background as well. It’s the blue above this pic of the finished sky. The white silk was mounted on insulation from Home Depot. It’s easy to use a push pin on the corners to keep it secure. Silk is more forgiving than you think. So, holes from the pins were not a problem. I painted the silk while damp with watered down acrylic paint. Painting on the fabric quickly while keeping it wet is important at this stage. Not a hard thing to do in the Fall with high humidity. You know, I live near Houston. Texas. In the summer, it will probably have to done in the early morning This step was lots of fun. I had done similar techniques with cotton fabric. The silk had the sheen I was looking for. I almost forgot again, I then let it dry and added wet and dry acrylic paint to define the shapes and colors of the clouds. While on the long arm, I used a trapunto technique to put wool batting behind the clouds.

After placing the green, I placed the stream off center using a similar cloud shape. At this point, I stitched the pieces down with monopoly thread from Superior. Its comes in white or black. Both are clear. You might see some tulle at this point as well. The gold, green and white (trees) are a commercial fabric. Hope I can find some more or I may have to do some extensive thread painting. I sewed the sky with the bottom half, the grassy area putting right sides together.

Interviewing for leaves was a process here. The fence, bike and child were manipulated using paper mockups.

The clear yellow ribbon was the right color but, I haven’t devised a way to use the silk ribbon. I used different Fabrico Fabric Pens on the bike. The child on the fence was later done in colored pencils. I used yarn to couch the trees. The process was fast, used up old yarn and was FUN! I have a couching foot for my Avante Longarm which makes it easy.

Here is the bottom half of the quilt.
My last picture is of the whole quilt. It’s bittersweet when I finish a collage quilt. Its a process that I enjoy. Sometimes its like an old friend hard to say goodbye. I’ll get over it. It’s only gone to the bedroom.

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