Learning about Quilts

I’m a busy grandmother of 9 grandchildren. Three of those 9 are girls. Not that boys can’t sew. From experience I can tell you boys like to run a sewing machine like a car. But girls, are a different breed. Avery is one of my grand girls and lives in the Houston burbs close to our home. She asked to sew and to make a quilt. I had a panel by Butterfly Hollow by moon cookie gallery. It’s one of those that you just can’t stand to cut. Thank goodness it was in my stash. Here are pictures of our adventure.

Just happened to have this purple dyed fabric. It could have been a better match, but I was trying to let her make the decisions.
Here she is trying to write her name. Avery was written from right to left. You can make out the “e”.
Her attention sometimes escaped to the thread, How could any girl miss the thread? Why so much grandma?
Here is a pose with my Avante. Looks like a happy girl. It’s amazing how she didn’t have the fear of quilting on solid fabric and trying to make trees and butterflies. If she wasn’t pleased, you couldn’t tell it! She was undaunted. I learned a few lessons from Avery. One I just mentioned: be undaunted. Try without expectations and Be spontaneous!
The finished Quilt
She wanted washable wool from Hobbs. She said it looked like butter. Grandma is going to use more of her dyed fabric for a purple binding. Not a bad project for a weekend. Her mom says she has talked for hours about it. Good times!

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