Quilting with Metallic Thread

This post is about one of my challenges. Quilting with Metallic Threads. First start by cleaning And oiling your machine. I have a Handi Quilter Avante and my machine has a stitch regulator.

Piecing, dyeing fabric, and quilting my own quilts happened almost simultaneously. Well, within years of each other. I love a challenge, but I also believe with help anything is possible. So, here is the help.

While you machine quilting keep your body directly in the front of the frame and machine. Relax your shoulders as you quilt. Put an-image in your head that triggers you to relax. Do this with any type of thread.

Put you metallic thread on the spool pin closest to the front of the machine.

Notice the thread is only going through the first hole in the thread guide. Now thread as usual.

Let me add here that my tension is set at 14 SPI . I use the Easy Set Tension Kit from Handi Quilter. The tension kit reads 145. I’m using Superior Metallic Thread and a needle for Metallic Thread both fromSuperior. The tension on my bobbin case was not changed and the thread I used is not metallic. I use a cotton or polyester thread for a long arm bobbin.

Practice to the side of your quilt after you have rethreaded, changed a bobbin or a needle.

After you have machine quilted in several different directions you should be ready to stitch on your quilt. I hope you find this helpful! Have fun!

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