Dyeing in the Winter

Yes, where I live in Texas you can dye in the winter. I’ve received some new pfd’s and couldn’t wait to get started.

A neighbor and friend of mine took pictures so, I’m able to share. Thank you, Nancy!

I dyed this small piece of silk with DynaFlow. Love it! Better yet I just pressed it on a silk setting it to set the dye. Usually, the process requires hot steam from a pot on a stove.

I dyed these silk ribbons with Dyna Flow. too!

The next day, I dyed cotton. We have had usually warm weather this winter. It’s above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the quest began.

I mixed Prochem’s dye thickener to the water the night before. I added a teaspoon of dye and it thicken to the right consistency. It reminded me of pancake syrup. So much fun!

I soaked the cotton I was stamping with soda ash several days before while waiting for Christmas to be put away. I let it dry naturally. Don’t put fabric soaked in soda ash in the dryer or press it with a iron until the soda ash is washed out.

I’m stamping here using a wood block wrapped with bubble wrap. I use a foam noodle to make a Circle. The grandkids, I should say the rowdy boys thought I had bought it for them!

The wavy lines on the edge of the picture were made with an old fashion potato masher. Found items are the easiest to work with.

Ice dying is my personal favorite.

Ice dying was my second process of the day. I usually start it first allowing the ice to melt slowly. It takes most of the day even on a hotter day. The results are surprising. I drop dye with a teaspoon while wearing gloves and a respirator. I’m not a pretty sight. My husband usually lets out wild scream when he sees me. My first respirator was a gift from him. Of course, I made the suggestion.

My third process for the day was over dying.

This batch did not start with a soda ash solution. I had dyed it leaving negative space on the cloth. If the cloth is too saturated it will not take any more dye. Sometimes, the dye molecules will even take over the positive areas as well depending on the saturation level. So, I chose the colors green or purple on the color wheel because blue lies between the two. I don’t want what I call mucky muck. Which can be a ugly brown. On the positive side it makes a great neutral!

I had to take a emergency trip to the dentist and I almost forgot the soda ash. Soda wash fixes the dye to the fabric. If I had not remembered, My results would have washed down the drain.

I’ll post my results here on my blog when I’m completed these pieces. There are many ways to add texture to your dyed product. I have more ideas that I want to try.

Enjoy life, every minute, every second,


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